Thursday, February 28, 2013

How are we at the last day of February?  This is just blowing my mind today.  I don't know about you, but is this year flying by in super speed??

I wanted to come on here before the weekend and give you an update on the Creative Retreat in Italy and where we are as far as rooms and what's available.

I sent out the emails to those who were on the WAIT LIST for THIS YEAR and have had two more ladies want to sign up.  So I have only TWO MORE SPOTS LEFT!  And that's final, final...  As I said last week, I was able to squeeze a couple more rooms out of the hotels I'm using in Bellagio, and so that is ALL I can get now.

SO... if you are still wanting to go THIS YEAR, sign up SOON before someone else takes your spot!!

Oh, and if you are thinking of joining us, I have heard from some of the people coming that they are getting REALLY GREAT pricing on their tickets to Milan, Italy!!  I don't know if these prices will last long, so if you want to join us or are already signed up and don't have your ticket... GO CHECK THE FLIGHTS SOON!!  I'm hearing of prices around $1,000 which is REALLY GOOD for the Summer months!  I was looking at pricing around $1400-1500 just a few weeks ago, so this would be the PERFECT time to book those flights!

Next week I will be posting the 1st SNEAKS of the classes!!  These lovely teachers have done some AMAZING things for us and I'm SO excited to share!!   I know you will be INSPIRED by the scenery in Italy AND by these wonderful teachers!!

I also have some really cool surprises for the week we are sharing together in Italy!  I will start spilling some of those as we get closer to our adventure!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and a GREAT March!!



P.S.  I posted this picture on FB this week and had quite a few comments on it.  This is just one of MANY cobblestone streets in Bellagio and I know for myself, I'm needing to get back on the treadmill (or outside) and get my legs in shape for these beautiful streets.  You are NOT going to want to miss out on these beautiful areas!!  So ladies (and gentlemen)... Get your walking shoes on and get ready!!

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