Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We are counting down the days now to our Creative Retreat in Italy!!  I'm SO excited about the 2nd Annual Retreat and I found an App to help me!

This App is called 365 by Big Day Lite, and you can add any photo and date to it and it will count down the days until your BIG EVENT!  I love it and it's actually now down to 91 days!!  So I better get walking on the treadmill because my legs are out of shape for all those steps...

If you haven't gotten your airline tickets yet, Tuesday and Wednesday are always the best days to book!  I'm not sure what the rates are at this point, but they may be going back up so I would book ASAP!  The Air Berlin flight still seems like the best route to Italy, but just check around on all the websites to find the best deal from your city.

I am emailing the hotel this week with LOTS of questions, so if you have one feel free to email me and I'll add it to the list.  I want to also make sure if there are any people going that have any FOOD ALLERGIES!  So please let me know.  I talked about that in the contract, but just want to make sure I have everything listed for the hotel and restaurants we will be eating at.

Have a GREAT week everyone!



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ok ladies, we are MAXED OUT on the Creative Retreat in Italy this year!!! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO SIGNED UP!! I feel REALLY BLESSED that you want to join me in this beautiful place for a week of everything I LOVE... Traveling, Art, Food, Photography and creating beautiful things as we share this journey together in Italy!

There is STILL time to get your name of the INTERESTED LIST for NEXT YEARS Creative Retreat in Italy though, so just send me an email at: Laura@akissonthechic.com and I will add you to that list.  Next years will be revealed in the beginning of JUNE, of THIS YEAR!  

PLEASE NOTE:  Next years Creative Retreat in Italy can only have about the same number of people as this year and I already have THREE TIMES that many people on the "Interest List" for next year!  I really hate to limit it, but this is just a small town and there isn't room for a big event here.

So if you want to join us, I suggest you watch for that email in June and make your DEPOSIT to SECURE YOUR SPOT as soon as you get the information!  I will be sending out this email (to those ONLY on the Interested/Wait List) in June with the dates, the cost, the teachers and how to secure your spot with a deposit via PayPal.  I will also announce it on my blog, but the people on the Interested List will get the information first.

Thank you again for sharing in this wonderful journey with me!

xoxo Laura