Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi everyone!  

So excited about the Creative Retreats next year!  So many wonderful people are joining us next year in France AND Italy and I can't wait to share these beautiful places with all of YOU!

Sign ups went GREAT yesterday and I want to THANK YOU for a great turn out!!

I'm SUPER excited that my very first Creative Retreat in Paris is SOLD OUT!!  I'm a little sad too because I know a lot of you wanted to join in on that…  I want this to be a small group though because it will be easier for us to get around the city and experience it in a very special way.  So, for those who couldn't get in I do have a wait list.  It's getting pretty long but that just shows me how much YOU love Paris too!!  (and I may just have to do this again some day…  Right?  :)

The Creative Retreats in Italy are still going strong and are open to register, so sign up soon to secure you spot!  As most of you know, this is truly where my heart is and I would LOVE to share this part of Italy with you!  Both weeks are going to be AMAZING with the teachers I have for next year AND the places we are going!  So check out those weeks and see what will work best for you!  I'd LOVE to enjoy a week with you in one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy… Lago di Como!!

Now I have a bit of "housekeeping" on the retreats…


PLEASE NOTE:  I am so sorry, but I made a mistake on the pricing/accommodations for the Italy Creative Retreats and I have to correct my REGISTRATION PAGE.  (It's for the BETTER though and I'm not afraid to admit I make mistakes…)  

The pricing I quoted IS FOR 2 PEOPLE PER APARTMENT!  

In the description I quote that the accommodations are for 3 people to an apartment.  That IS TRUE for the PARIS "mini" retreat, but NOT the Italy ones.  So the pricing of $3,499 is for 2 people!!  That's good news… You won't have to have anyone on the sofa bed and you'll have more space in your apartment!!!

So we can do this two ways:

1. You can keep the price AS QUOTED and now instead of 3 people to a room, you will have the 2 people to the room.  You get the same price with an added bonus of only sharing with one other person…


2. You can get a DISCOUNT if you want to still have 3 to a room!  Now that's good news right???  So if you've signed up and were cool with sharing 3 to an apartment and want the DISCOUNT, just email me and I will apply the $250 discount to your balance.  (So new price becomes $3,250)

I'm sorry for any confusion.  I have to admit that I copy and pasted some of the "Payment information" and then realized later last night that I hadn't changed it from the Paris to Italy retreats.  There's no reason for you to have to share 3 to a room when you don't have to right?

But, it's up to YOU!  You can decide which way you want to go and I will work out the accommodations depending on who has signed up and how many people want 2 or 3 to a room.

Sound good?

Ok…  Last night I had a LONG night going to Los Angeles to pick up two Italian boys from the airport.  So for the next month we will be hosting these boys in California and we are so excited to show them America for the first time!!  I will be around and can answer emails every day but we will be going places with them a I won't be on the computer as much.  Feel free to email me or call me though, I'm always around to help you if you need it!

I'll be sending the Contracts to everyone by this Friday.  So check your email for that.  I need to get that signed and sent back within 4 days to secure your spot!  So take a look at it, you can either fax it to me, email it back to me or send me a photo text with your signed signature pages filled out and then pop it in the mail.  Whatever works best for you.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!



Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So excited… SIGN UPS ARE LIVE!!

You can sign up over here --->  under the REGISTRATION PAGE!

I'll be around all day (until I have to pick up two Italian boys from the airport tonight…) so if you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me.  

See you next summer… in France and Italy!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tomorrow is the DAY!!!

I have all the information up under the REGISTRATION PAGE over here ---->

So go take a look at the 3 Creative Retreats for 2015 and be back tomorrow morning at 9:00AM PST (California time) to SIGN UP!!!  At 9:00am the PayPal buttons will be LIVE!

You can also check out the teachers blogs and see how excited they are!!

Scrapbook Creative Retreat Teachers:  Both are European teachers that will truly INSPIRE YOU!!!  Céline is from France and Zoey is from Italy!!


Art & Faith Creative Retreat Teachers:  Both are AMAZING Artists and Women of Faith.  I have wanted to have a Faith based Creative Retreat for a while now and I am so blessed and honored to have these two along for a week of INSPIRATION and CREATIVITY and sharing the gifts God has given all of us! 

This is such a blessing each year.  I can't believe this will be my 4th Annual Creative Retreats next summer!  Thank YOU for all your support and encouragement and for your willingness to follow me half way around the world!!  It truly is a JOY to do this each year and I am beyond amazed at this little DREAM of mine becoming something bigger then I ever imagined!!  

See you tomorrow,


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Exciting news...

I have decided to open up ALL 3 CREATIVE RETREATS THIS TUESDAY!!

I want you to have all the options open at the same time so you can make the best decision on which Creative Retreat works for you… (or you can stay for more than one and get a DISCOUNT!)

So more details COMING SOON!  (And in your email inbox today if you're on the INTEREST LIST)

So now you will have the option to sign up for 1, 2 or 3 Creative Retreats in 2015:

1. Paris, France  - June 7 - 12, 2015

2. Lake Como, Italy - June 13 - 20, 2015  (Scrapbook Retreat)

3. Lake Como, Italy - July 11 - 18, 2015  (Art Retreat) 

Hope to see you next summer in France AND Italy!!



Well I can't believe I just got back home from Italy and now it's already time to ANNOUNCE the next Creative Retreats in Italy!!!  (and Paris… SO excited)

I do this for a reason though.  I really want as many people to come as possible and I want you to have plenty of time to save up for it, plan for it and get to know the people you will be going with… and to get excited together!!  I understand this is a LUXURY retreat.  It's not something most people can just decide in one day to go on…  So I want you to have time to think about it, pray about it or just DREAM about the possibility of going some day.

So with that said, I want to share the DETAILS of the Creative Retreats for 2015!  I'm SO excited about next year and I hope you are too!  Enjoy looking at the information and feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

The first Creative Retreat for 2015 will be in Paris, France!!

As I said above, I am finally doing a Creative Retreat in Paris, France!  If you've followed me on any social media or my blogs over the years… you also know that I LOVE Paris.  I have been there many times and have come to know and love the many wonderful facets of Paris.  This city is AMAZING and if you have never been…or want to go back... please join me next June!  I want to share this beautiful, creative, inspiring city with YOU!

This will be a bit different than my Creative Retreats in Italy.  It will not be a full week so I am calling it a "mini" Creative Retreat.  I will be the only teacher and there will only be ONE class that I will be teaching at the end of our time together… for a reason.  I'm very excited about what I have planned and I want to keep it a secret for now.  This retreat will focus more on PARIS and the places that make it special.

Here's a taste of what the Paris Creative Retreat will include:

Paris ~ 5 Nights ~  June 7 - 12, 2015 - $1,955

- Five nights in a beautiful apartment in my favorite Arrondissement - Saint Germain
- A day exploring one of the most wonderful Paris Flea Markets
- A day trip to a picturesque town outside of Paris
- A Chocolate and Photo tour of Paris… YES, it's that awesome!
- Afternoon tea in one of the prettiest restaurants in Paris
- A Cruise on the Seine River at night for a memorable dinner
- Exploring the Fabric & Trim district in Paris
- Strolling through my favorite garden and enjoying lunch in this beautiful setting
- One Mixed-Media class that will be a culmination of our time in Paris
- Almost all Breakfast, lunch and dinners are included
- Little Parisian gifts and surprises during the week
- All private taxis to and from excursions (no subway for us…unless you want to)

Sign ups for this Creative Retreat will take place on NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 15th!!  You will find ALL the information on the REGISTRATION PAGE --->  over here

PLEASE NOTE:  I can only take 10 ladies on this special "mini" Creative Retreat so the spots will fill up fast!


The next Creative Retreat will be back in my "2nd home" of Bellagio, Italy…'

The 4th Annual Creative Retreat in Italy ~ June 13 - 20th, 2015
~ Scrapbook Week ~ 

For next year I am changing things a bit and including MORE then ever before!!  As each year goes by I learn new things as I put these events together.   This helps me to grow and change things a little each time to hopefully create an amazing week for everyone involved! I also see this part of Italy through a new group of eyes each time and it is such a JOY for me to experience the beauty and splendor of Lake Como with a new group each year!  It is a passion of mine to share this part of Italy with YOU and I know you will enjoy this place as much as the other people have before you…

Here's a preview of what the 5th Annual Creative Retreat in Italy will include:

Bellagio, Italy ~ 7 Nights ~ June 13 - 20, 2015 - $3,499

- 7 nights at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Apartments or Hotel Florence
- Opening Reception overlooking the gorgeous lake
- Day trip to Milan for the Worlds Fair - 2015 (The theme is FOOD… good choice Italy!)
- 4 Classes by amazing European Scrapbook Artists!!
   ~    Céline Navarro &  Zoey Scarpelli    ~
- Exploring Lake Como on beautiful vintage boats
- Tour of Bellagio, including the history of this region by a local tour guide
- Ferry's to surprise locations for exploring 
- Tours of famous Villa's and gardens on the lake
- Cooking Class with famous Top Chef of Italy
- All breakfast included in the gorgeous breakfast rooms at either hotel
- Almost all lunches and dinners are included
- Grand Finale at Mistral - GHVS Michelin Star Restaurant
- Transfer to and from airport are included
- Taxi's and Ferrys to and from dinners and excursions
- Hotel and room taxes included
- Crop time in the event room
- Wonderful products from our SPONSORS
- Free Make-n-Takes
- Handmade "Swag Bags"
- Amazing SURPRISES I can't reveal yet…
- Plus time to relax by the GHVS pool, or stroll the cobblestone streets
- And…an unforgettable week in Italy!!!

Sign ups for this Creative Retreat will take place on NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 15th!!  You will find ALL the information on the REGISTRATION PAGE --->  over here

PLEASE NOTE:  I can only take 20 ladies on this Creative Retreat so the spots will fill up fast!

* More details will be on the REGISTRATION PAGE soon!


The 4th Annual Creative Retreat in Italy ~ July 11 - 18th, 2015

~ Art Week ~ 


So there's a SNEAK Preview!  More details will be sent out to those on the INTEREST list tomorrow.  DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 15TH TO SECURE YOUR SPOT FOR ONE OR BOTH CREATIVE RETREATS!

Hugs to all,