Tuesday, January 28, 2014

HI everyone and Happy New Year!!

How is it possible that the last time I blogged on here was November 2013?  Sorry about that…

The Holidays came in like a WHIRLWIND and I think I'm still getting back to normal, and it's almost FEBRUARY!  hahaha

Life is a bit busy and will continue to be so for the first half of this year.  Did I mention that I'm doing THREE retreats in Italy??  ya, I guess I'm crazy…  it's all good though because I really can't tell you in just words how truly excited I am about ALL of them!!

But before those retreats,  I will be going to Italy and other European destinations TWO TIMES!  The first trip is just next week when we take my oldest daughter to college in Italy.  Oh boy… I'm wondering how I'm going to LEAVE her there…  Luckily I will have my middle daughter with me to cry with all the way home.  :)  I know this is the right decision for Victoria, but it's hard to say goodbye when she is going to be so far from home.

Then the 2nd trip will be a school trip with my middle daughter Rebecca.  She takes French in school so we are going on a great European trip with her class.  I'm excited to see places I've never been and places we love…  namely PARIS!  We get to enjoy a week with the school and then a week to ourselves because Rebecca and I will be extending our trip and going to Italy to visit Victoria!  We figured since we are already over there we might as well take the opportunity to go see her (and Italy too, I'm not gonna lie… :)

So FUN trips are ahead… and just a little bit of the reason why I'm going to be VERY busy this first half of the year!

So getting back to the THREE RETREATS… I wanted to update everyone on things.

1st Week:

May 17 - 24th with Heidi Swapp and Rebecca Cross and myself:

For this 1st Creative Retreat there have been some changes I wanted to update everyone on.  My dear, dear friend Lisa Pace has had some things come up and unfortunately is not going to be able to come and teach at this retreat.   She is such an AMAZING lady and I know it's hard for her to cancel on this amazing week because she LOVES this part of Italy and we had such a GREAT time when she taught in 2012.  But I know if my heart this is the right thing for her and she has my full blessing on this decision.  When the time is right for her she will be teaching again for me and you all will get to enjoy her talent again at one of my retreats!  And since she can't make it but will still be there in heart and spirit, she wants to send along a little something for everyone, so that will be a nice little surprise for all of us!

But don't worry, we will still be having all 6 classes and I have some great things in place of Lisa's 2 classes, so I will tell you more about those soon.

I also have an exciting thing happening for this week that was unexpected…  There is a wonderful little Antique Market in Bergamo on the Sunday after we arrive!  The first year I started my Creative Retreats I took everyone to it and they LOVED it!  It was a great day to get out and see the countryside and get to enjoy the hilltop town of Bergamo!  So for all those interested in joining us for a day in Bergamo, this will be a FUN excursion!  Now if you are signed up for this retreat but don't want to go on this excursion or think you will be too jet lagged… that is fine.  You are free to hang back and just relax for that day.  That is usually the day I have as a "free day" because I know it's hard to adjust to the time change, and it's a Sunday.  So you can decide either way what you want to do for that day.

But this is just a little bit of what is going to go on for that week.  We have some wonderful classes planned, some beautiful excursions on and around Lake Como and of course delicious meals that we will be sharing in this gorgeous setting of Northern Italy!!

Last time I blogged I said I had two spots open but now it is pretty much full.  If one or two people are interested in coming I may be able to squeeze you in but I would have to check to see if I can get another apartment at this point.  So just email me if you would like to join us and I can check and see…  OH, and I have news on our GREAT sponsors for the week so stay tuned for more on that!!!

2nd Week:

May 24 - 31st with just me:

This is the week I mentioned is more of a relaxed version of my Creative Retreats.  It's for those who don't want a structrued class setting and want to EXPLORE more and be taken to all the great little spots that I've come to know and love!  So with that said, we will NOT be having any classes in the event room, but we will have time to do some art out on the balcony of the apartments and as we are out and about during the week.  But this week will be focused more on taking excursions, maybe a cooking class, visiting the villas and enjoying all that this region of Italy has to offer!

I do have ONE APARTMENT still available.  So it could be a shared room with one, two or three people.  If you're interested in this week, you can look on the left hand side under REGISTRATION and sign up via PayPal.  If you have questions or need more info before you sign up, just send me an email and I'd be happy to answer it.  Again, this week is going to be more about YOU and how you want to enjoy beautiful Lake Como for the week!

3rd Week:

June 21 - 28th with Jeanne Oliver and myself:

This is going to be such a FUN week… mostly because it's a new way for me to do my Creative Retreats!  To join forces with the beautiful and talented Jeanne Oliver and do a real ART retreat is just SO exciting to me!!

So this week is all about art, and enjoying LIFE in Italy through art and food and this gorgeous setting we are in, in Lake Como!  I'm so thrilled to host this event for Jeanne and get to see her share her love of art with all of those who have signed up!

This again will be a more casual week with no classes in an event room.  It will be more of a "Living Studio" as Jeanne puts it where we will be enjoying things as we walk, see villas, tour the area and take it all in.  This event is sold out, but we are trying to see if we can get one more apartment for this week as well.  We had such an overwhelming response to this week and I really don't want to have anyone miss out on this.  So if you are interested in this week, please send me an email and I will look into adding one more apartment, if possible.

Ok, that is it for the updates on THIS YEARS retreats!  I am in the planning stages for NEXT YEARS  (2015) Creative Retreats and will be sharing more details throughout the year, with sign ups probably some time around the July time frame.   There is a INTEREST LIST already started on that and if you want to be included on that list, please send me an email and I will put you on that list!  This list will get you a FIRST LOOK at next years retreat(s) and first dibs on signing up so it's an important list to have your name on if you are at all interested in going.  As you can see all weeks fill up FAST because it's such a unique experience and one that a lot of people want to be a part of.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy a little "La Dolce Vita" wherever you are today!



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