Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreaming of Italy lately...

I have been having dreams of Italy and they feel SO real.  I wake up and feel like I was THERE.  Walking the cobblestone streets... Sitting on the benches and just staring out at a slice of HEAVEN...

I can't WAIT for our EVENT in September and what the beautiful Lake Como will look like at that time of year??  I've seen a few pictures of Bellagio in the Fall online:

This is at the Villa Melzi

A beautiful view of a village far off...

The gardens and Villa at Villa de Este'

Oh, I can't WAIT!!!  

I have some spots still open if you want to join us!!  Just check under the Registration Page for more info!  And there is 1 more large apartment if you want to bring the family!!



P.S.  Want to see what it looks like right now?  The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni posted some pictures on their FB page (like their page for regular updates)  Here's a couple photo's from the last week:

It's SNOWING!!!  

And if you go to their FB page, you'll see a photo shoot with Lindsey Lohan at the Hotel!!  Here's one SNEAK and it's funny because I took a photo of Isabella and one of Rebecca in the SAME spot!!  :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here's a new video we just created to get everyone excited about our Event!!

The DEADLINE to sign up is March 1st, so watch the video and sign up today!

Also, there is a $200 discount if you sign up before February 15th!!

Excuse my voice on this, I have Pneumonia and had a hard time getting through this without coughing! :)

So tell all your friends and get a group of ladies together for this AMAZING event in ITALY!!!



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The DEADLINE is fast approaching to sign up for this Once-in-a-Lifetime trip!!

I need to get started on some reservations, trip excursions, goodie bags and such, so I've set the DEADLINE for MARCH 1st!  

This Event is going to be an AMAZING trip to the beautiful Lake Como, Italy and I know you will NOT regret a minute of it.  So think about it and SIGN UP TODAY!!

And if you sign up BEFORE February 15th, You will get a $200 discount!!

So take a look around on the site, have a look at the gorgeous photos and click on the "Registration" Page on the right side and sign up soon.

We hope to see you there...  And to spark the interest, here's some family photo's from this Summer's trip to Lake Como:

It's an unforgettable place...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello everyone!

What an INSPIRING week at CHA!  It is so much FUN to go and see all the new products at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show here in So. Cal.  All the new goodies from the craft and scrapbooking world are displayed at this show AND I get to see so many dear friends in the industry!

It was also a time to have a little meeting with the TEACHERS of our Event in September!!

We were ALL at the show so we met up for a quick meeting and PHOTO:

We missed Tammy Tutterow in the picture, but on the left is Lisa Pace, myself and then Stayce DeWid.  What a FUN time to catch up with these ladies and go over a few details!

Speaking of DETAILS...

A few things to go over with YOU too:

First, if you are NEW to the site, WELCOME!  Take a look around, check out the video, and go to the REGISTRATION PAGE on the right side for prices, details and to SIGN UP!!

Secondly, if you were AT CHA and got a postcard brochure on this Event, THANK YOU for coming here and taking a look!  We would LOVE for you to JOIN US in September so take a look around and feel free to email me if you have ANY questions at:

Lastly,  we are coming up on a DEADLINE soon!  We need to get a final "head count" by the end of THIS MONTH!!!  YES, if you want to join us we need to know by MARCH 1ST!  So think about it, look at all the AMAZING photos and details and then SIGN UP TODAY!!

We truly want you to experience this wonderful part of Italy!  AND, what better way to do that than with a bunch of CREATIVE ladies who all LOVE to scrapbook AND LOVE to travel!!?

So have a GREAT time looking over everything and again, feel free to ask me any questions!!

Have a wonderful weekend,