Thursday, September 19, 2013

Where did the summer go?  I think I was home a total of TWO weeks this summer and blogging just wasn't on the summer plan...

But we are almost to OCTOBER now and I wanted to share some updates and photos to INSPIRE you to join me on one of my Creative Retreats in Italy!

Since last I blogged, I had not shared all the rest of this years Creative Retreat photos, so I'll start with a montage of photos from the amazing time we had this June in Italy:

In the afternoons there was some time for this...

On Thursday we headed to Como

And went to my friends SCRAPBOOK STORE!

Looks whose products they had??  

Here's my friend Sara who works at the store.

Had a nice lunch...
We walked around Como as well and saw some of the sights...
Here are the local ladies who came to the classes

And my partly finished Jeanne Oliver canvas

The last night was our finale dinner at Mistral with everyone

My beautiful daughters who helped So much this week!

The whole group (minus Dana & Tony)

Celebrating the Birthday girls!

With a little homemade ice-cream!

Then we had a few guys come sing...  and said our goodbyes!

I can't THANK these ladies enough!  They were AMAZNG teachers, FUN ladies and wonderful people to spend this week with!  It couldn't have gone any better!


There are probably over a thousand photos from the week, but I think all that I've shared shows you a bit of what we do during the week and hopefully will get you excited about joining us some day...

Speaking of which,  the next Creative Retreat is already FULLY BOOKED!  Yes, it's sold out and when that happens I'm always happy AND sad at the same time.  I would LOVE to have more people come and enjoy this week we share together, but I really do need to cap it at 24 people so we can really enjoy the intimate setting and all be able to do everything together!

BUT...  If you are on the WAIT LIST or if you want to be added, you can email me at: and be put on the list!


It's in the planning stages now because I know I had over 100 people on the Interest list and only 24 can come at a time.  SO IF YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME NEXT YEAR, 2014, SEND ME AN EMAIL!  I'm trying to decide now when I will do this.  It could either be a week FOLLOWING the May 17-24th, 2014 event OR you could be in the Fall, around the early part of September when the weather is still lovely there.  

I will give more details on a 2nd week soon!!  

And lastly, I wanted to put out an idea for anyone that might be interested...

I have had some people interested in coming to my retreats who aren't really "artsy/crafty"  and have asked if I would host a similar week but without classes...  The answer is YES!  I am passionate about sharing this part of Italy with others and have been thinking of doing a less "creative" retreat and more "exploring" retreat.  This is such a beautiful part of Italy that I really think time kind of left alone and I would LOVE to share it with anyone!  So if that's you and you'd like to have me organize an event for you and your friends, your family or even a business retreat... LET ME KNOW!  I actually just got back on Sunday from a weeklong event I organized for my husbands business!  It was SO much fun! Maybe I'll share some of those pictures some day on here so you can see some of the other things that are available on the lake.  

This is something I may do next year as well... A week or two AFTER my Creative Retreat for those who would like to either stay longer from the Creative Retreat, or those who would want to have a more relaxed time with less class time and more time to do other things.  It would be a week long event at a lower price since we aren't renting the event room or having teachers.

So I hope you enjoyed these photos and I'd LOVE for you to join me some day in Lake Como, Italy!