Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello 2012!!  Can you believe we are now in the count down stage of our retreat???  September 15th is inching it's way closer and closer and we are all SO excited!

At the end of the month all the teachers and myself will be at CHA in Anaheim, California and we plan to meet up for some time to strategize and plan lots of FUN things for our trip!

But I wanted to let you know of a few NEW things so be sure to check them out.

A few UPDATES on the event:

1.  I will need a preliminary  "head count" by the middle of February!!  This is VERY important because I will need to start ordering some things for the goodies bags and start making some reservations for excursions and such.  So PLEASE think about signing up, pray about it,  and make a the decision to JOIN US!!

2. I've had quite a few ladies ask if they can bring their HUSBANDS.  At first I said it was a "Women's Retreat" only, which it still IS, but I'm going to make a little change to that rule.  I UNDERSTAND that some ladies would only travel to Europe with their husbands and would like to take a nice "European Vacation" with our RETREAT as PART OF that vacation.  SO... I am going to accept "COUPLES" on a first come, first serve basis.  Now these couples can't stay in the apartments b/c that will be reserved for women only.  But I can set up about SIX couples in the hotel next door!  The husbands don't really want to be a part of the CREATIVE time, so they will be free to do their own thing while we are having classes and such and then join us for the dinners and excursions.  EMAIL ME if this is something you're interested in and we can work out the details.  I will be adding a COUPLES ONLY price (that includes hotel accommodations) to the Registration page, but if you would like to find your OWN hotel, I can email you that price and information on choices.

3.  I want to start adding some fun things in our Yahoo Groups so we can get to know each other better!  I know I've been lame on having updates in there and after the teachers meeting at CHA, I will have some scheduled things to do in our Yahoo Group!!  If ANYONE wants to volunteer to head an event in there, LET ME KNOW!!!

4.  For those of you who REGISTERED during the month of  December for $100.00, I will be invoicing you the first $250 TOMORROW, January 15th!!  So be looking for that in your inbox!  I invoice everyone on the 15th of each month (or close to it :)  and if you would like to pay more than the $250, that's fine, just send me an email and let me know what amount you want me to invoice you.  Or you can just send ME payment directly to my PayPal acct. at

Ok, I think that's all the little "housekeeping" that needs to be done!   We are REALLY excited for this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME trip and we really are hoping YOU can join us!!  Don't hesitate to email me directly if you have any questions!!  I can help you make this trip happen and show you some ideas on coming up with money and making the airfare arrangements!!

Did I tell you I found a really cheap airfare from LAX to LONDON on Virgin Atlantic??  It's about $670 and once your in London, it's just a quick flight to Milan for under $100 on!!  It's still a bit early to book your flights, but start looking around for those specials!!  They WILL be our there, you just have to look!  Or call a travel agency and tell them to put an ALERT on the flights you would need and they'll let you know when there is a SALE on airfare!!!

Well, my hope and prayer is that you ALL can come and will consider signing up SOON!  We still have some spots left, but I think after we spread the word at CHA the end of this month, that may not be the case anymore.  SO SIGN UP TODAY and make sure you will be a part of this AMAZING JOURNEY TO ITALY!!

Have a GREAT Saturday everyone!!