Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi everyone!

I'm back from a wonderful little get away with my hubby and what fun it is to get away from real life for a few days!  Saturday is usually a busy day for me with the girls doing all kinds of things and finding time to clean Lance's office every weekend since that is our real job every weekend.  (it helps us pay for those trips to Italy :)  So to have a Saturday where we could just sleep in, get up and have lunch (we slept past breakfast time, ha) walk around and do a little window shopping and then come back to the hotel and scrapbook a bit, watch TV and just veg... well that was AMAZING!  My life is crazy busy and I LOVE that, but I don't usually get those kind of days, so it felt VERY indulgent... and I LOVED it!!  So thank you to my in-laws who came and watched the girls and thank you to my hubby for knowing I needed this little get away.  It's great to come back though and see the girls and get back to "life", but I really think those little get aways help everyone and I highly suggest taking breaks once in a while to re-boot yourself and to reflect on life and have a fresh prospective!

Now if you want to REALLY "re-boot" yourself and have a weeklong break that will INSPIRE you and RENEW you and give you LONG LASTING MEMORIES...

Then come to Italy with us THIS JUNE!!

I can't tell you enough how amazing our Creative Retreat is!  Last year was my first one and I tell you, the ladies were just in AWE of the location, the beauty, the things we did, the classes we offered and just the renewal they felt after being in beautiful Italy for a week!  I'm not just saying that... I saw the ladies continually looking in amazement at the beauty of this place and they all fell in LOVE with Bellagio like I did 5 years ago and had a dream to hold creative events here!  I am SO blessed to be able to fulfill that dream again this year and I'm so honored that the teachers want to INSPIRE you here and that YOU want to join us here!!  I can't WAIT to share this part of Italy with everyone!

Villa Balbianello where Star Wars and James Bond filmed

Teresa Collins is one of the teachers joining us this summer and she just blogged about our event and you can see it here.  She shares some beautiful pictures of the area and I think you should take a minute to check out her post on this event!

One of the ladies enjoying the lakefront balcony before dinner

There are still a few spaces available and remember, if you wanted to make payments on this event, you need to get your registration in SOON!  PLEASE NOTE:  I can give a bit of a discount to those staying at the La Limonera Apartments that are just a couple minutes walk to the hotel where the event is located.  This is a bit of a better option for those interested and it's in the heart of the upper village where everything is.  Check out their website at La Limonera Apartments.

part of the upper village by La Limonera Apartments

The event is being held at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Italy from June 22nd - June 29th.  All the event registration information is over on the right side under REGISTRATION -->

Here's a few pictures to give you a preview into the week and the area we are staying...

The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

One of the many beautiful pathways through Bellagio

Some of the ladies enjoying the Pergola at the hotel waterfront

Our lakeside lunch with a view of the island in front

Some of the ladies enjoying a photo op before the ferry ride to dinner

The cafe for lunch on our day trip to Como
a bike out front of the Duomo 

So I hope that you will consider joining us this June for a week of beauty, inspiration, friendship, renewal and enjoyment!!

As always, please feel free to email me at any time!  Laura@akissonthechic.com



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