Saturday, May 31, 2014

Well the last two weeks have FLOWN by…

It has been such a wonderful time here in Italy with BOTH groups!  The first week was such a GREAT week with Heidi Swapp, Rebecca Cross and myself as the teachers, as well as my friend Germana who is a local lady from Milan that taught all of us a wonderful handmade album!

The weeks have gone by so fast but I wanted to share some of the highlights from the first week!  I have SO many photos and the photographer has WAY better photos, but here's a sampling from the first week...

What a GREAT time with everyone!  I'll update on the 2nd week soon and give some details for the 2015 Creative Retreats too!



Monday, May 5, 2014

I can't believe we are under the TWO WEEK mark for our 3rd Annual Creative Retreat in Italy!

I am SO blessed by all of YOU who believe in this little dream of mine.  That is has become something that people from all over the world want to come to and enjoy together is just incredible to me!!  So THANK YOU!!!  I will be creating these retreats for you as many years as you want to come!  (in fact details for 2015 are already coming together!!)

This year is a little unusual though… I'm not having ONE Creative Retreat… but THREE!  :)

So the planning has been on OVERLOAD since about last September and these final last few weeks it's been non-stop!  But this is what I LOVE and I'm so EXCITED, I can barely contain myself!!

I leave in about a week to get over there and get things ready…  So this is most likely my last blog post before I head over there.

For those coming this year to one of the three retreats I'm hosting, I have a message for you:


It feels like everyone is already family to me...  We have been communicating since LAST JUNE!  So when I see you, I will be hugging you, so just know that in advance!  hahaha  We're like family right??  and we will be spending a LOT of time together while I take you around and share with you my favorite place on planet earth!

We will also be spending a week together in Italy while we enjoy art and creative time together!  So how cool is that?  We get to combine our LOVE of ART and LOVE of TRAVEL in one of the most BEAUTIFUL places in all of Italy!!

I've posted a few SNEAKS of the classes you will be taking on my FB Page,  but I thought I would put them up on here too so everyone can see them!  I hope you like them and are excited to enjoy creating them together!!

This is the class I will be teaching on the first day of Classes:  Monday @ 9:00am
This is a small Travel Journal that you will be able to take with you all week and journal in, keep your ephemera in and also put your photos in!

This is the first class Heidi Swapp will be teaching on Monday @ 1:30pm

This is the first class Rebecca Cross will be teaching on Wednesday @ 1:00pm

This is the class the our talented local friend Germana is teaching on Wednesday @ 4:30pm

This is Heidi Swapps 2nd class that she will be teaching on Friday @ 9:00am.

This is Rebecca Crosss 2nd class that she will be teaching on Friday @ 1:30pm.

So as you can see, we are having the classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you are local to the area (or not so local) and want to come out for a day or a class, please email me and I can see if we have any spots still open.  We have a lot of local ladies joining the classes and I am SO happy about that!  What better way to enjoy this week then with some Italian ladies who love this art form as much as we do!!

So until then… Have a GREAT week everyone!  See you in Italy… very soon!



P.S.  If you want to come join us in Italy NEXT SUMMER, the dates are already set!  The details are getting worked out and I will be sending everyone on the INTEREST LIST an email over the summer with details on how YOU can be apart of the 2015 Creative Retreat!!

There will be TWO weeks next summer that you can sign up for, but they will be different in the style of the classes.  One will be more geared towards Scrapbooking/Journaling and Mixed Media and the other will be more geared more towards the Art of Italy through different art forms.

More details coming soon… but keep June OPEN if you want to join me and my friends in Italy!!