Monday, August 25, 2014

Well hello again…

The kids are back to school, "summer" is over and I finally have a little bit of time to get some things done!  hahaha  I don't know if that's how you feel too, but our life this summer has been such a busy, busy whirlwind that I have to say I'm actually kind of happy it's over.  Now don't get me wrong… I went kicking and screaming all the way back to the first day of school.  I didn't want to send them back to school.  I enjoy them at home, I enjoy the sleeping in, the days with nothing planned, just spending time with them…  So the school schedule is NOT my favorite.  But sitting here in the quiet and blogging my thoughts… that's kinds a nice.  (Wish I was on that bench in Bellagio gathering my thoughts, but I'll just imagine it in my mind) But this time does give me a chance to take a breath and think about what my plans are for the next couple months before the holidays are upon us.  GASP!!!

Some of the things I want to accomplish are:

1. Get a NEW WEBSITE!  I have one (it's super duper old and crusty) but it needs a make-over big time.  Or just a whole new website would be good.  Looking into things and excited about this!

2. Get rid of all my blogs and combine EVERYTHING together in ONE place! (I have 3 blogs… it's kinda embarrassing…  but one was personal life stuff, this one is supposed to be about my Creative Retreats (I'm breaking the rules today I guess) and the last one is a food blog!  (love that one too, but haven't updated it in forever…)  So with one website that can be a kind of a "lifestyle" site, I think that will fulfill this desire.

3. Start being CREATIVE again.  Oh man, why is this one so tough?  I haven't been creative since my Creative Retreat this summer with Heidi Swapp and Rebecca Cross.  I haven't taught since then and I haven't even stepped into my artsy room in FOREVER!  So I want to take time to recharge those creative batteries inside me!  We all need this and I know I'm ready to get going on this right NOW!

4. Get going on three new projects I've wanted to do for a while… that ARE creative!  I guess they aren't really "new" but a restart or like hitting the "refresh button" for me.  I'm SO excited about these:
- The first is a Journaling Bible!  I've seen these for a long time, fell in LOVE instantly and I finally ordered one!  I can't wait to get started TODAY!!
- The second one is a Filofax!!  Yes, I'm a paper girl and I've said that for years to my hubby.  He's tried to get me to just put everything on my iPhone but I just don't like it.  I've had day planners for many years, got away from them for a while (sorry Lance, paperless just isn't in my DNA) and now I'm happy to say that I got a Filofax and even started making it all cute and pretty!!
- The last project is Project Life!  Now I tried this years ago when it came out.  I started and stopped it because I thought it was too much.  It started as a 365 day challenge.  Well I'm just NOT that organized.  I also stopped because I was too restrained by all the pocket pages.  But I've taken a look at it again, created my own style of PL and I'm going to do kind of a "free form" Project Life for our families memories.  I'm excited to do this and spend time getting our stories written done and into books that we will have for years to come.

So I think that's enough on my "to-do" list for now…

What are YOU thinking about accomplishing now that the kiddos are back in school?  Or just as Fall is coming around the corner??  Would love to hear from you.

I'll share some photos of these projects as they come together and would LOVE to hear from you if you are doing any of the same projects and know of any communities or places where I get can ideas.

And don't forget…

There are still some spaces open for the two Creative Retreats in Italy next summer!!  I've updated the REGISTRATION PAGE over there---> so go check out the details, email me if you have any questions and really pray and consider joining me and the teachers next summer in Italy!  It really is a life changing vacation.  I should have "testimonials" on here (maybe I will on my new website) because the people who come do NOT want to leave.  I promise you… you will not regret going to one of these Creative Retreats.  You WILL regret not going though.  This is such an incredible part of Italy, I have come to love this lake and it's people and I really do want to show each and every one of you the beauty and joy and inspiration that you can experience here…

Hugs to all,