Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Monday ladies!

I wanted to let everyone know that the "PAYMENT PLAN" PayPal Button that was SOLD OUT last week is now working again.  I went ahead and added a few more spots (5) for this option, so you may go in and SIGN UP!  It's under the REGISTRATION page on the right side of this page.  -->

I really am SO excited to be planning another CREATIVE RETREAT in Italy!  Over the weekend I was working on my Travel Journal and it was making me SO happy.  I had such a wonderful week with all the ladies and it brings me so much JOY to know that I get to do this all over again!  I've been getting emails from the ladies to this DAY, who were there with me this year, and it makes me humbled to know they enjoyed it so much!  My JOB ROCKS!

So go tell your friends, bring the gang, put this on your Christmas WISH LIST...  Do WHATEVER you've got to do to JOIN THE ADVENTURE...

Speaking of which... I know some ladies who sold some old jewelry to afford this AMAZING trip!  I was SO touched that they would want to come and found a way to make it happen!  I Love, love, LOVE these types of stories!!  I know that's how my own family has been able to afford to go to Italy in the past.  Just this Summers trip to Italy with the girls was paid mostly by cleaning my husbands offices EVERY weekend.  The girls LOVE Italy so much that they JUMPED at the chance to WORK HARD and EARN their way to Italy!  So if YOU have questions on how you can afford this Creative Retreat... I am hear to tell you:


My mom lived this motto growing up with our own family vacations and I think it really carried with me into my life and family.  We saved our change, didn't go out to dinner as much as other people did, worked little jobs to earn $$$ and now I LOVE seeing my own girls and our family doing the same thing!  It really makes it that much more SPECIAL when you know how hard you worked for it!

I feel SO blessed that YOU would believe in ME and want to come along to this little piece of heaven I've come to LOVE in beautiful Bellagio, Italy!

SO THANK YOU and know that I think about this a LOT.   I'm always praying that the Lord will bless this Event and bless all of you who are coming along with me to Italy.

Have a GREAT week!



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