Monday, October 15, 2012

Hi ladies...

TODAY is the 15th of October, and the OFFICIAL SIGN UP DAY!!

So for those of you who haven't RESERVED YOUR SPOT for next summers Creative Retreat in Italy, you can go to the REGISTRATION PAGE over on the right side and click on either the FULL PAYMENT or PAYMENT PLAN BUTTON.

I have about 6 spots left and over 26 ladies on the "WAIT" list, so if you're interested PLEASE SIGN UP SOON!  I REALLY don't want to say NO to anyone and I am in the process of figuring out if I can accept more than 20 ladies this time, but at this point I'm not sure and WILL have to stop at 20 until I know for sure...

For those of you who DID RESERVE YOUR SPOT already, I will be emailing you today to ask a few questions and then once I hear back, I will invoice you through PayPal!  No worries on loosing your spot, just need to confirm a few things before I can invoice you.

ALSO, those who are RESERVED or will be signing up TODAY, I am starting a new Yahoo Group for this event!  This will be a GREAT place for us to introduce ourselves, get to know each other and it will be where I post all my updates and information about the trip.  It worked out GREAT last year and it really helped the ladies "meet" each other before the event and feel like they already knew everyone!

I'll be home most of today answering emails and setting up the PayPal buttons and invoicing, so feel free to ask my any questions at: or calling me.

Have a GREAT Monday!!



P.S.  Some ladies have asked me if they could bring a spouse or family or a friend...  YES, you may!  I just need you to email me and let me know so I can go over your accommodation choices.  I know this is SUMMERTIME and you may want to include my Creative Retreat into your summer vacation plans around Europe (I know I would) so that is totally fine.   I just need to know so I can make sure you are all together and find out if they want to take the classes and/or enjoy the excursions with us.

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