Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day - 3

I can NOT believe it's been a whole MONTH since the retreat started!  I apologize for not posting more  photos and day-by-day accounts of the retreat, it's been a whirlwind since I've been back and I'm just feeling back to normal this week.  I'm happy to say I have NO plans to get on an airplane until NEXT YEARS Creative Retreat!  (although I'm sure my hubby will find a reason for us to go somewhere...)

Day 3 of the Creative Retreat was our 1st real CLASS day and I was the first teacher that day.  I had actually decided to go first because my class was a album/journal that they could use throughout the week to record their week in and add their ephemera and photos in.  So I really wanted to get going on it.  I do have to say that I honestly didn't allow enough time to finish it and I really felt bad about that.   That's actually one of the reasons why next years event is going to have less classes and one less teacher.  I really want to have more time to FINISH each class and still have lots of time to enjoy the pool, the town and the excursions!  I will note that they DID have time to finish each class at night in the room if they wanted to go back in there to crop.  Which will be the case next summer as well and I think I will even play some fun Italian themed movies during those crop nights... But getting back to my class, here's a picture of the journal: (btw, I have about 3 class kits of this left, if anyone is interested)

It was a FUN class, lots of the colors of Italy in it, and lots of great embellishments.  Here's a picture of some of the ladies during the class:

And the view from the room... (with my album in the window )

After my class we all went down by the pool to have lunch.  You got your choice of a few things on the menu and it's a lovely place to sit in their poolside restaurant and just enjoy the view.

Then after lunch and a little break we had another class with Tammy Tutterow where she showed us a cute little suitcase album from Sizzix and Pink Paislee.

Each afternoon the ladies had time to themselves to either enjoy the beautiful pool:

or walk around the town and shop or eat gelato...

(we went for the gelato :)

That night was dinner on their own, so the ladies had fun finding different restaurants around town while Victoria and I went over to Al Veluu.  I had wanted to go visit with Luca and Cheryl ahead of Wednesday nights dinner with the group there so we could go over everything and make sure it was all set up and ready to go.  We also wanted to visit with them before dinner and see their new baby!!  They we due with their second child while we were here this past July and thought they might have it that week.  But, the baby waited a few more days and we didn't get to see beautiful Leila until this night!

So here is little 6week old Leila and her BIG sister Isabell!  They are BOTH so beautiful and we had a fun time visiting with the family before the restaurant opened.  (did I mention how I LOVE Italians??  :)  I just love the Italian lifestyle and how so many of the restaurants are family owned, they live right there and they are so open and friendly.  We've gotten to know this family over the years and they are so dear to us!  Victoria loves them so much and we had a great time playing with Isabell that night.

We had a wonderful dinner and made it back to the Music Room that night so we could enjoy the music and see Sasha!

What a GREAT day...and night!

I'll try to post the rest of the days on here in the next week or two so you can see the whole week we spent in Bellagio!  It was truly AMAZING and if you want to join us NEXT SUMMER, YOU CAN!!  Just go over to the Registration page and sign up TODAY! There are some spots left, but they are going FAST!

Have a GREAT day,




  1. What a beuatiful place! The pool looks so inviting. I hope the weather is just as nice next year.

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait til next year when I will be there!
    Carol Mayben