Monday, May 13, 2013

So I  just finished sending 100 EMAILS to the INTEREST LIST for next years Creative Retreat! 

If you did NOT get an email and were on that list or wanted to be on that list, PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE ON HERE! Or you can email me at 

I was worried I didn't get everyone or I messed up on an email address so PLEASE let me know if you did not get an email from me today!  I don't want anyone to be out of the loop on this because I can ONLY TAKE 40 PEOPLE and I want everyone to have an opportunity to sign up!!

June 1st is the Pre-sign up day for those on THE INTEREST LIST ONLY!!  Then it will be open to the public after that.

On May 15th I will REVEAL the teachers and information from that email on HERE, so come back on the 15th if you want to find out more information about the 3rd Annual Creative Retreat!

It's going to be another AMAZING EVENT in Italy and I hope YOU can make it too!

Have a GREAT day,


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  1. OMG!! Looks Amazing. I am so seriously going to try to do this. I definately have alot of different planning to do since I will have to go visit my family in Sicily for a few days. This is going to make me work hard. lol xoox