Saturday, December 8, 2012

As Christmas approaches, I am feeling a little melancholy about Bellagio and wishing we could see it in beautiful "Buon Natale" time!  Our family has a love of Lake Como and Bellagio that runs deep and we were just at Macaroni Grill last night reminiscing about friends and memories from our trips there.  This morning I woke up to a photo that one of the ladies who came to my Creative Retreat in Italy this past September shared on Facebook of Bellagio and it made me SO happy!  Thank you Pam!!!
Here's the photo:

One of the beautiful stores in Bellagio and it's all dressed up for the Holidays!

What's so amazing is that we were just talking about how we wished we could see Bellagio at this time of year and were hoping some of our friends from Bellagio would post pictures!  Well, sure enough a FB PAGE all about Bellagio is posting pictures!  It's called Promo Bellagio and you can "friend" it on FB to see more pictures!  They also have a Pinterest Page with TONS of boards all about Bellagio.  It's a lot of fun to look at the photos (and I know YOU love Pinterest)  and it really makes me want to go back NOW...

Here's another photo from Promo Bellagio that I fell in LOVE with:

I know it's a bit blurry, but I just KNEW they would have Christmas lights strung up around the town!! One of these days we will need to make a trip just for Christmas to this magical place...

Well, I started looking at other photos they had and sure enough they had some photos I thought YOU would love to see of the Festival of San Giovani that WE WILL BE A PART OF NEXT JUNE!!  Yes, if YOU sign up for next Junes Creative Retreat, you will be taking part in this special Festival!!

There is a Torchlight Procession that starts at our Hotel, The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and walks through the town of Bellagio, through the Melzi Gardens and to the Church of San Giovani.  At the end is the lake front church and they have music, dancing, food and just a lot of FUN going on!  It's a VERY SPECIAL time that we have done with our daughters twice and is one of the MAIN REASONS I chose to plan next years Creative Retreat at this time of year! 

So DON'T MISS OUT...  Sign up for a week in Bellagio with wonderful events, artistic classes, excursions around Lake Como and memories for a lifetime!  

There's only 5 spots left ladies... Make sure you sign up soon!  Just go to the Registration Page over on the right and you can sign up for the Payment plan to get started on your journey with us to Italy!!

Buon Natale!!

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