Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hi ladies!

It's ALMOST CHRISTMAS... A week from today, can you believe it?

I thought before we get to Christmas, I would take a minute to come on here and let you know that there are still spots available for BOTH Creative Retreats.

The one in Italy in June has only a few spots left (3 I think, unless I open it up to more IF I can get more apartments)  so you can start making payments on that retreat as soon as you like!  This is the CAN'T MISS retreat ladies...  I think I can say that it's a "once-in-a-lifetime" event and I know the ladies who went this past September sure felt that!  We had an INCREDIBLE week and next year is even going to be BETTER with the Festival di San Giovani!!  Don't wait... reserve your spot today!

In fact, if some of you are waiting to sign up until after all the Christmas shopping is done, DON'T WAIT!  I will go ahead an offer you the same thing I did for the ladies last year.  RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW FOR $100.00 and you will be GUARANTEED your spot will be held for you!!

That's a GREAT way to go ladies, b/c there's only a FEW spots left!  Just email me if this is something you'd like to do and I can send you a Paypal Invoice for the $100 and then we can start making payments after things settle down in the New Year.

Now as far as the Arizona Retreat, we are still open on that as well.  I think I have about 10 spots left and you can make payments on that retreat as well!  It's going to be an AMAZING weekend filled with some wonderful UNIQUE little "mini" events and I think you will really LOVE it!  I've had quite a few inquiries about this event and I know it may fill up soon too!  So if you want to do the same thing and RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW FOR $100, you can GUARANTEE your spot will be held for you!  Just email me and I can send you an invoice for the $100 through Paypal and you can start making your payments after the Holidays are settled down.

After the New Year I will going over more of the details of this Creative Retreat and start showing some SNEAKS from the classes!  I know you are going to LOVE this jam packed weekend of CREATIVENESS!!

Ok, I think that's a wrap on the updates...

I want to wish EVERYONE a JOYOUS Christmas and a VERY BLESSED New Year!!



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