Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello ladies,

I hope all of you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend and had a nice relaxing time with family and friends.  It was nice to teach a class on Saturday at my FAV Paper store and the kids cleaned daddy's offices at work, so I didn't have to!!  Yeah me.  :)

This week will be the DEADLINE for signing up for our September event ladies!  I'm wrapping up the reservations for the apartments by TOMORROW, so May 15th will be the last day to SECURE YOUR SPOT for this AMAZING week long event in Bellagio, Italy!  After the 15th, I will not have any more apartments to secure and you will have to be on a "wait list" to see if there is availability AND you will have to pay in FULL if there is an apartment that opens up.  Things need to be confirmed and plans are set in stone now, so I REALLY hope if you are on the fence, you will "JUMP OFF" and sign up.  You WON'T regret a minute in this gorgeous area of Italy, I promise!

We are SO excited to have the group of ladies that are going and I'm so thankful that enough ladies believed in my DREAM to do an event in Bellagio!  I can't tell you how absolutely THRILLED I am to be hosting this event and sharing some of my LOVE of this part of Italy with YOU!  I've been changing gears now and focusing on the dinners together, the excursions to choose from, the wonderful goodies you'll be getting and ALL the planning that goes into an event like this.  So this blog will be a bit more quiet as I work out details and if you are joining us in Italy this September, the Yahoo Group will be the more active place for information.

A few reminders before I go:

1. PLEASE make sure you get your passport soon.  They take quite a long time to get in the mail, so get that scheduled soon.  ALSO, if you are like me and HAVE a passport, CHECK IT!  I found out mine is going to expire in AUGUST!  We are headed over to Italy in July as well and I've heard that if you DO TRAVEL with an ALMOST EXPIRED PASSPORT, they may give you a hard time and I've even heard some people were not allowed into the country!  So I'm on my way to get my renewed before our Summer trip later today.

2. PLEASE look into Travel Insurance.  If you've booked your flight, you should have seen options on the website you purchased the tickets.  There are many Travel Insurance Companies like Travel Guard, Seven Corners, Access America and Travel Insured International.  Please check these companies out and do some research before you buy.

3. Look for my Questionnaire in your email box this week.  I'm going to send that out to everyone who has signed up to get an idea of your likes and dislikes, any food allergies, preferences on breakfast items that will be supplied in your apartment upon arrival, and some more fun stuff to get to know you!

4. If you are STILL waiting to sign up because of certain issues, just send me a little note so I'm aware. I know there are at least a half dozen or so ladies who are.  That's OK, I just need to make a little note on my list.  It isn't that you CAN'T come with us, it will just be IF there is a space still open for you in the apartments.  I can check the Hotel Florence as well for availability (if you have any disabilities that would make it easier for you to stay down at the water front and right next door to the meeting room facilities at the GHVS this would be THE place for you to stay) so again, just a note so I'm on top of it for you.

We have AMAZING teachers, a line up of WONDERFUL classes, FULL days of EXPLORING Italy and truly BREATHTAKING views from our Event location!

September can't come FAST ENOUGH...  :)

Have a GREAT Monday everyone!



**Images on this post were from my Bellagio Board on Pinterest


  1. Can't hardly stand it until it is time to go! It will be a trip of a lifetime for me.

  2. I'm so glad I took the step and signed up for this trip!! I can't wait to go to Italy again!! :)

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.