Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday Ladies!!

I wanted to come on here early this week to give you a few updates since I will be at an event later this week and it's been a "mad dash" to get everything done for my class.  I'm SO excited to be teaching at Kim Caldwell's Event "An Affaire at Tiffany's" and I thought I would share a little SNEAK of my project the ladies will be making:

This is going to be an AMAZING event in Los Angeles and I feel so honored to be one of the three teachers!  I'll post some pictures after the event on my other blog so you can see what FUN events Kim does!

Now back to Italy...

Our event is taking WONDERFUL shape and I have had a few more ladies interested in joining us in September.  The teachers and myself are SO thrilled about sharing in this experience with everyone and we can't WAIT for September to get here!!

I do have some things I'm needing to make decisions on so if you are "on the fence" please consider joining us ASAP!  :)  The hotel is wanting me to give them a final count on the apartments.  This wasn't supposed to be until June but since it will be a smaller group than I originally told them, they would like me to release some of the rooms that I won't be using.  Problem is, I don't know how many quite yet...


If you want to join us, I can only hold the rooms until May 15th now and that is FIRM.  That basically gives me about a week from when I get back from the event above to finalize anymore sign ups!  So don't delay any longer.  If you've been DREAMING of coming to this event with us, send me an email and we will work out something so you can go!!  

Picture of the main town of Como in the evening

Some more updates:

1. Get that PASSPORT if you haven't already!!
2. We are booking the apartment for VENICE afterward, so let me know if you want to come along!
3. Let me know if anyone has any "food allergies" or sensitivities.  I have a couple ladies who are Gluten Free and have already talked to the hotel about that.  They are very aware of this and can accommodate this, but I just need to give them advance notice of any problems.
4. Check the AIRFARE on Tuesdays!  For some reason this is the day the airlines have special deals and I got an email this morning mentioning the price may be going back down??  
5. I am looking into having a "local day" at our event!  Anyone interested in coming to some classes who lives close enough to Bellagio is welcome to come!!  I've had a couple ladies mention this that live in Milan and around that area and I would LOVE to have you JOIN US for the day!!  So, PLEASE, if this is something you would like to do, send me an email at: and we will work out the details for you!
6.  As one of the excursion options, I thought we would do a SHOPPING trip!!  Lake Como is known for it's SILK making, see link, but also the famous Italian stores like Armani,  Valentino, Ferragamo, etc... all have OUTLETS in the boarder town of Ticino, Switzerland called Foxtown.  So I'd like to get an idea of how many ladies would be interested in this and then I'll set this up for one of the excursion days!
7. I'm also looking into a concert or play in Como (picture above) on one of the evenings.  This would be a wonderful evening of taking the Ferry to Como, having dinner at one of the many lakeside restaurants and enjoying an evening of theatre!  

So, that's all I can think of for now.  Have a GREAT week and make sure you SIGN UP SOON if you want to join us!!

Ariel view of Bellagio

*Pictures are care of

Have a GREAT week ladies!!


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