Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This year is flying by, I can't believe we have already passed up TAX DAY!  Do you have a refund this year??  I know where you can spend that money??

Yes, you knew I was going to say Lake Como!!  (couldn't resist)

This is the town of Menaggio, Italy.  Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!   It's right across the lake from Bellagio, in fact you can see it from the hotel we are staying at.  I'm going to go explore this town in July when we are there so I'll know just the right spots we want to go back to in September!  

Finding these lovely photo's on Pinterest and adding them to my "A Kiss on the Chic's Retreat" board.  SO. MUCH. FUN. Pinterest is SO addicting...

Well, back to work.  A few bits of REAL news to keep you updated on our EVENT:

1.  BIG NEWS!  I can officially say that Stayce DeWid is teaching at our event!!
Stayce is SO talented and works with all kinds of ARTSY mediums.  We are SO excited to add her to our teacher list!  She works with Tattered Angels and lots of other companies to bring really great TECHNIQUE classes to you.  So lets all welcome Stayce to our event!!  She will be doing a class and a make-n-take and enjoying all the FUN the week has to offer!

2. It's time to get your PASSPORT!!

You can get one at your local post office, Costco, Staples and lots of places.  So get that going NOW because it takes quite a while to get it in the mail.

3. I don't know about you, but I've seen SO much on TV lately about Italy!  Just watching the Food Network,  HGTV's "House Hunters International",  the Travel Channel or even PBS.  It sure puts me in the mood for September!  There's so much to check out and to see, just watching those shows gets me EXCITED!!  So turn on your T.V. and check these shows out for some INSPIRATION!  

4. I've mentioned the Bergamo Antique Market as an excursion on Sunday.  Well, I have another cool one for you...  How would you like to go on a Funicular??  Take a look at this video of Lake Como and see the beauty of the lake and you'll catch a bit of the Funicular.

YouTube is a GREAT place to check out the are we will be staying!  There's so many videos to get you excited...

Have a GREAT day,


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  1. I love Stayce-you guys are going to have so much fun!