Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello Ladies!!

Are you getting EXCITED??  September is coming closer and closer and I can barely STAND IT!!

I can't WAIT to just sit and look out at this view while enjoying lunch...

Or, wait for the ferry to take me somewhere from right here...

Or walk along this pathway in Varenna to the little village with restaurants right on the shore!

You just won't believe the BEAUTY on Lake Como, it will blow you away.

I wanted to update you on some things, so here's a little list I've started.  I'll probably add to it next week with a bit more information.

A few updates for everyone:

1.  I've been having email issues and am afraid I am not getting all my emails!!  So, if you've emailed me in the last couple weeks and haven't heard back from me... PLEASE send it again!  I am SO sorry if you did and thought I was not responding to you!!  I've had two people on FB tell me they sent me something via email and I never got it.  So PLEASE let me know, I am always here to answer any questions!

2. I am EXTENDING the DEADLINE for a bit!  I feel like we have a bit more time to make some decisions AND since there may be some of you who haven't been able to get a hold of me, I want to extend it a bit!  So GOOD NEWS, you can STILL SIGN UP!!  I just had a lady sign up yesterday, so please don't feel like it's too late!! I know there are about 6 ladies that I KNOW OF, that are "on the fence" right now  and if you are also trying to figure it out, please let me know and I can definitely help you with that decision.

3. I've been checking the flights to Milan AND London around September and it looks like things aren't too bad.  If you check it out, it MAY be cheaper to fly into London and then catch a quick flight from their to Milan.  So start checking those airlines websites and GREAT sites like or for the latest flight details!!  Also, I'm a travel GURU (my wording) and I LOVE to find the BEST deals, so feel free to ask me to help you!!  We found GREAT flights to Milan for this summer just a week ago!  (YES, our family is going back there AGAIN!! :)-

Ok, I think that's about all for today...

AGAIN, I apologize if you've tried to contact me and I didn't get back.  I think things are OK now, so please resend your emails and I will get back to you right away!

Hugs to all and have a GREAT weekend,


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