Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dreaming of Italy lately...

I have been having dreams of Italy and they feel SO real.  I wake up and feel like I was THERE.  Walking the cobblestone streets... Sitting on the benches and just staring out at a slice of HEAVEN...

I can't WAIT for our EVENT in September and what the beautiful Lake Como will look like at that time of year??  I've seen a few pictures of Bellagio in the Fall online:

This is at the Villa Melzi

A beautiful view of a village far off...

The gardens and Villa at Villa de Este'

Oh, I can't WAIT!!!  

I have some spots still open if you want to join us!!  Just check under the Registration Page for more info!  And there is 1 more large apartment if you want to bring the family!!



P.S.  Want to see what it looks like right now?  The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni posted some pictures on their FB page (like their page for regular updates)  Here's a couple photo's from the last week:

It's SNOWING!!!  

And if you go to their FB page, you'll see a photo shoot with Lindsey Lohan at the Hotel!!  Here's one SNEAK and it's funny because I took a photo of Isabella and one of Rebecca in the SAME spot!!  :)

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