Friday, March 30, 2012

I am SO happy, humbled and BEYOND excited to say that...


It's been a few weeks of researching things, looking at everything one more time, making some changes due to contracts and class size and I can officially announce that we are going to Italy in September!!

Here are a few UPDATES:

1.  We have enough students to make it work so I have contacted American Airlines and have set up a GROUP DISCOUNT for the airfare and if you are planning on coming, but haven't signed up yet... NOW is the time!  Last month we were checking on flights and they were around $1,200!  Right now they are as low as $850!!  I am booking the teachers and my flights ASAP!!  I know with gas prices so high, rates could go up any day, so check those fights out and if you sign up, I can give you the A Kiss on the Chic discount with!!

2.  I still have some apartments available, but unless you have a disability, I won't be using the Hotel Florence next door any longer as a hotel choice.  It's much more cost effective to have everyone in the same apartments.  Now if you book the Hotel Florence yourself, that is a different matter, but to cut some costs, this is one of the changes I had to make.  I still have a few medium and 2 large apartments left, but there are a few groups/families that are about to sign up so they may be taken soon...

3. Some of us are taking a side trip AFTER the Event to Venice, Italy!! Venice is like NO OTHER city in the world.  I was SO taken aback by it the first time I saw it and it's really a MUST SEE at some point in your life.  So, the event is over on Saturday and we are planning to take the train to Venice and stay for 3 nights.  This is not really something I'm coordinating, but I will have details on that if you are interested.  When in your life are you going to be ONLY 3 HOURS AWAY FROM VENICE AGAIN??  So that is an option after our Event if you'd like to join some of us!!

4.  I have done some research on excursions and things to do in the area and I'm VERY EXCITED about that!  I will give more details as we get closer, but one thing that I found is an ANTIQUE MARKET in Bergamo!  This is a beautiful old walled city about an hour from Lake Como and they have an Antique Market every third Sunday of the month!  Well, guess what... We will be there on the 3rd Sunday!  So I think it's a MUST to go to the ANTIQUE MARKET!  This will be on the Sunday after we arrive and I had set that day aside for a "day of rest".... But, I want to make this trip available to those who WANT to go!  So you can decide if you want to relax by the pool and enjoy a day of rest or come with us to the Antique Market.  Totally your choice, but this is a unique experience that doesn't happen very often...

5.  I'm looking for a photographer for the Event!  This must be someone who is going to the event as a paid student.  If you are and you'd like to take some pictures of the event and set up some photo shoots for the students, this would be a way to supplement your costs....

I think that is all I can think of right now.  I'm sure there is more to say, but I'm so excited my brain is not fully functioning!  :)

I will be updating this blog and our Yahoo Group every week now that we are FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Here are some pictures of the Lake Como area I found on this week:

This is a lovely area I think in Varenna where a waterfall comes down from the hills and sprays a fog like mist onto this beautiful old bridge!  This is definitely a must see and we will be eating dinner in Varenna one night as well.

This is the GORGEOUS grounds of Ville De' Este on Lake Como!  This is THE top hotel on the lake and I've never seen it, but heard it's breath taking!  I think an excursion to this hotel for a tour and lunch is a must on the itinerary!!

Another beautiful landscape of Lake Como with the colorful villas and the bridge.  I'm not sure where this is located, but you will have a whole week to explore and find lots of places like this!!

Speaking of exploring... Maybe we will find this guy on Lake Como??  :)  Just saying...

Not sure where this is on Lake Como, but what a photo!!  If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, it is an AMAZING site with SO much to {LOVE}

Again, email me if you have ANY questions!  There are some spots left, and I can take signs ups until May now that it's a GO!!

Thank you again for all who are coming and all who are SO supportive of my dream to have this event!!  It's such a blessing that we have such a wonderful group going and I feel such JOY at being able to share this part of the world with you!!



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