Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I have to share an amazing opportunity for all of you to be a part of!

As you know, my friend Jeanne Oliver has taught for me at my Creative Retreats in Italy (and next summer at my Art & Faith Creative Retreat) and we combined forces last summer for her first The Living Studio.  I {ADORE} this woman.  She is an amazing person that I am SO bummed I don't live next door too... (but she's probably happy about that)  Well, she has a new class series on her Ning site that I REALLY want you to take a look at!

It's called Studying Under the Masters and week one has just started!  It's self paced so you have lots of time to go through the course.  Let me just share a few photos of her "Sneak Peeks":

Aren't they just DREAMY??

There's SO much more, you REALLY need to check out all the details on her blog here.

Now if you're like me this is a bit intimidating, I'll be honest with you. I'm NOT an artist, not even close.  I don't know how to draw or shade...  The closest thing I've gotten to being an artist is doing mixed media and collage art.   But guess what… I'm going for it!

This is something I NEED to do.  I WANT to learn.  I dream of being an artist when I'm in front of a Van Gogh or Monet at the Louve in Paris.  I {SEE} art everywhere I go.  Italy INSPIRES the creative side in me and I never want to leave that place… So I don't want to be limited by my own skills JUST because I haven't taken the time to LEARN new skills!  And even if my work doesn't end up looking anything like these artists, I WANT to stretch myself.  It's time for me to grow and become what I've dreamt of… Becoming a {baby} Artist.  <3

So why don't you join me!  This is going to be SO much fun and I'd love to have you along on this journey with me… AND Jeanne!  Then we can talk about it next summer with her, IN ITALY!!

Just go to any of the links and sign up TODAY!  And leave a comment on THIS post if you are going to join me!  I want to keep in touch on Jeanne's NING site with you!!

And a little fyi… It's my 25th wedding anniversary TODAY with my wonderful man!  I'm BEYOND blessed with this guy.  HE believes in me, thinks I'm an amazingly talented woman and I know he'd push me to do this as well.  So THANK YOU Lance!  You don't know this yet… but you just bought me this as a little "Anniversary" gift!  hahaha

Have a GREAT day everyone!!


Here we are at Monet's Garden in Giverny, France last September!!

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