Monday, July 14, 2014

Tomorrow is the DAY!!!

I have all the information up under the REGISTRATION PAGE over here ---->

So go take a look at the 3 Creative Retreats for 2015 and be back tomorrow morning at 9:00AM PST (California time) to SIGN UP!!!  At 9:00am the PayPal buttons will be LIVE!

You can also check out the teachers blogs and see how excited they are!!

Scrapbook Creative Retreat Teachers:  Both are European teachers that will truly INSPIRE YOU!!!  Céline is from France and Zoey is from Italy!!


Art & Faith Creative Retreat Teachers:  Both are AMAZING Artists and Women of Faith.  I have wanted to have a Faith based Creative Retreat for a while now and I am so blessed and honored to have these two along for a week of INSPIRATION and CREATIVITY and sharing the gifts God has given all of us! 

This is such a blessing each year.  I can't believe this will be my 4th Annual Creative Retreats next summer!  Thank YOU for all your support and encouragement and for your willingness to follow me half way around the world!!  It truly is a JOY to do this each year and I am beyond amazed at this little DREAM of mine becoming something bigger then I ever imagined!!  

See you tomorrow,


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