Monday, October 7, 2013

Yes ladies, I have decided to add a 2nd week!!

The 2nd week will be May 24-31st.  Since the first week SOLD OUT, I wanted to give everyone a chance to come next year!  This will be a bit different and the details are not set yet, but let me share a little of my thinking for this 2nd week.

I wanted to offer a 2nd week for those who may want something with a little less CREATIVE time and more EXPLORING time, more RELAXING time and more CULTURAL time.

So this will be a week with no structured class time in the event room. It will still have some creative time because I plan to have a couple of the local artists involved in this week. Maybe an al fresco class by the lakeside with a local watercolor artist or some creative time up at our apartment balcony.  There's also a chance we could take a class from a local artist in Como.  So there will be SOME creative time, but not as much as the first week.  And it will be optional.

There will also be more time for some real Italian culture.  Maybe a cooking class with Luigi, the Top Chef of Italy!!  Or a hike to the Castle de Vezio in Varenna.  Possibly a day trip to Switzerland or Tuscany...  All of these things and more are what I envision this 2nd week to be about!

But I'm open to making this 2nd week work for YOU.  It's going to be much SMALLER group so it can be what WE want it to be!!  With this option, I have the flexibility to really make this something that can be special for a small group of people!  I have been to Lake Como many times now and I have so many things I'd LOVE to do each year, but there just isn't enough time to fit it all in. This week gives me a chance to share a little bit more of the reason why I LOVE this part of Italy and I'd LOVE to share it with YOU!

Now with these changes, I also have a chance to lower the rate for the weeklong event!  Since I don't have the costs of flying teachers over and no need for the event room,

 I can offer the price for the 2nd week for only $2,400!!

So this makes it the PERFECT WEEK FOR:

1. Those who signed up for week #1 and want to stay for week #2 (believe me, you will NOT want to leave once you see this place, just ask previous ladies who came to my events)

2. Those who have been to a previous Creative Retreat and want to come back for a little bit different weeklong event.  (This will have new excursions, more relaxing time, and different dining experiences)

3. Those who wanted to come to one of my Creative Retreats, but the price was too high.  This is a GREAT opportunity for a small number of people to still experience this AMAZING place, but at a cheaper price)

4.  Those who want to come to Italy with me, but aren't really into the "creative" aspect of it.  This 2nd week will be about YOU.  If you want to do the low-key classes you can, if you don't want to do any, that is fine too.  You'll have multiple choices of things to do during the week, to design the perfect week you are dreaming of!

So if this sounds EXCITING to you, SIGN UP SOON!

There will only be 12 spots available for this weeklong event!!  

So jump on this amazing opportunity and get your name on the list ASAP!

I don't have a sign up page yet, but I'll get that up in the next couple days.  If you email me I can put you on the INTEREST list and you will have PRIORITY when it does go LIVE!!

And feel free to email me if you have any questions or you can leave a comment on this blog post and I will get back to you!

Hope to see YOU in Italy next year...


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