Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Now that the New Year is here, CHA is over (the Craft & Hobby Associations Trade Show) and things are getting back to normal in my house...

Let's get the PARTY STARTED!!!

This is a picture from the Torchlight Festival...  This is a BIG reason why I changed the dates for the Creative Retreat to June instead of September this year.  This is an amazing walk through the town at night and ends at the San Giovanni Church with food and lights and fireworks and music and just one of the "bucket list" things.  This is a whole town coming together for a PARTY and we get to see a little glimpse into real Italian life.  It's just amazing.

This is my family towards the end of the walk.  We go through Villa Melzi gardens, which you usually don't get to do that, and then on towards the church at the end.  

We've done this twice with our family and it was beautiful each time.  Here's some pictures of it from the next year:

Here we are getting the torches lit.  You can see a lot of people around us.  These are locals.  The come to our hotel and that is the starting point.

Some of them wear authentic outfits and they start the procession through town.

and it's an amazing sight to see.  I won't share all about it as I want some of it to be a SURPRISE for those going...

So if you want to come to along with us and enjoy this amazing PARTY and a week in Italy, there are ONLY A COUPLE SPOTS LEFT!!

I would LOVE for everyone to come, but I just can't have more than 24 people at a time.  This is a small JEWEL of a place, there isn't a big convention center here.  You are stepping back in time to a world we just dream about...

So if you are really thinking about it, let me know and I can answer any questions you may have and you can be on your way to Italy in just over 5 months from NOW!!

How EXCITING would that be!!?


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