Friday, August 10, 2012


I've been traveling SO much lately, that I'm sorry to say this blog has been sorely neglected!

I am in Michigan this week for a retreat for my middle daughter... Then next week I'm in Montana for a retreat for my husbands work!  whew... life is crazy.


The way the apartments are set up for THIS years event, I ended up having ONE MORE SPOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS SEPTEMBER!!!!  


If ANY of you that were thinking about it for THIS YEAR but didn't get on it, and still want to come...   ONE SPOT IS OPEN FOR YOU!!   

It's the week of September 15-22nd and the rates for airfare are REALLY good right now, so if you're a "spur of the moment" person and want to join our group... We'd LOVE to have you!!!  Just email me in the next week or two and YOU TOO could be joining us THIS SEPTEMBER!!   Pretty cool huh??

Now, I did want to update everyone on the 2013 Retreat in Italy NEXT JUNE as well.

I have decided that I need to hold off taking SIGN UPS until AFTER this retreat.  Because time is getting away from me before THIS years event AND because I'm gone so much this month and don't have the time to devote to starting sign ups...  I need to wait.

I also feel that I will have a MUCH better idea of the cost of things and the logistics of an event like this, so far from home.

So bear with me... I WILL have more updates and even PHOTO's from THIS YEARS EVENT on this blog coming soon!  So check back here for those, it will give you some idea of how it's going to be NEXT YEAR if YOU sign up!

What I invasion happening is after I get back around the 26th of September I will get things ready for an October 1st REVEAL for next years event.  I'll be opening it up to only 20 ladies total and then it will be SOLD OUT.  I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I think that's the best group number for this area of Italy.  The roads are small, the restaurants are small and having a smaller group that can all fit in one bus and the same restaurant each night will make it much easier and a more enjoyable experience for all...

So if you are NOT on the INTEREST LIST, get on it NOW.  I think I have close to 20 ladies on the list now and even though they probably won't ALL sign up,  this event is getting talked about and growing in interest daily!  (Thank YOU for that :)  Just email me to get on the list.

Have a GREAT weekend,


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