Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can NOT believe that in less than two weeks I will be getting on a plane for Italy!!!

A years worth of work and preparation have ALL been worth it and I'm just OVERJOYED that this dream of mine is becoming a REALITY.

I cannot express how THANKFUL I am to all of YOU who have supported my dream, who have cheered me on, who have helped me, who have listened to me go on and on... and who now I am asking to PRAY for this event.  Please just pray for safety, for great weather and for this event to be used to BLESS these ladies, to RESTORE these ladies and to INSPIRE them!!

I have been having SO much fun getting the last minute goodies together for the ladies, wrapping little presents, making some handmade pretties and finalizing everything...

Let me just say...

You will NOT want to miss NEXT YEARS!!

I will have more details AFTER this years event, but to get on the INTERESTED LIST, just send me an email and I can keep you up to date.

Also, be SURE to check back HERE for updates FROM our event!  I will be trying to share pictures from the event so all of you who have cheered this event on can be a part of it too!

FYI, there ARE going to be some CLASS KITS AVAILABLE AFTER THE EVENT!  So look for those because it will only be a FEW.

Thanks AGAIN to everyone!



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