Sunday, December 18, 2011

I was just checking on Flights for our EVENT and thought I would let everyone know about some GREAT deals I'm finding!!!

I know everyone is all over the place, so not every "deal" will work for everyone, but I wanted to make you aware of some prices on flights that I found.

VIRGIN ATLANTIC is such a GREAT airlines.  We have flown on them many times and I have to say they are my FAV airline!  But, I know they don't fly from everywhere and they DON'T fly to Italy.  BUT... It's important to remember that we want to find the BEST deal to get there and most likely that is not going to be non-stop.

So, I found that Virgin Atlantic has a flight from LAX to London for the dates of the event for only $663!!!!!  Now that is a GREAT DEAL!!  You can follow that link to find out what the cost would be from your location to London.  So don't overlook the options that are out there.  London isn't that far from Italy and the flights from London to Milan are just a "hop, skip and jump! :)

So after I found this GREAT deal, I wanted to see how much it would be to get from London to Milan.  I've told you in the past of a few sites like Kayak, Priceline, and other discount airfare sites.  Well there's an airline JUST in Europe that is just PENNY'S for a flight and it's called EasyJet and we've used it before to jump around Europe for under $100.

So I found a flight from London to Milan on Easy Jet for $97!

Well, I'm just SO excited ladies!!

I wanted to let you know all of this because it IS POSSIBLE to get a GREAT DEAL on the airfare if you think "outside the box"!  Don't just think you have to get to MILAN and I can only go from my town to Milan... There are COUNTLESS ways to get there and you just have to do some research.  I will continue to look at the prices and offer you any deals I find, but start researching and see for yourself.  Let us know if you find something GREAT too, we'd all love to know what you find!

Because we ALL want to get here:

So let's make this a FUN and see what we can all find.  And PLEASE... if you find a great deal, let us know so we can all make sure we are getting the best price of airfare.

Thanks so much and have a GREAT week before CHRISTMAS!!

And if you haven't signed up yet... THIS WEEK would be a GREAT time to do so!  Wouldn't this be  an AMAZING CHRISTMAS GIFT!??  

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