Wednesday, April 10, 2013

(Bellagio is the town below that goes to a point)

The time is fast approaching us... we have just over 2 months until our 2nd Annual Creative Retreat starts!!

Can I just say how in awe of the Lord and his blessings I am!    This "Creative Retreat" idea was just a wild DREAM of mine a few years ago... and look at it now!  I still remember talking to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Manager while we were there on vacation with the girls and saying how this place would be such a FABULOUS location for an event.  He didn't quite "get" what kind of EVENT I wanted to have, but he showed me the ballroom space anyways and we talked a bit out it.  But I really didn't think my dream (and prayers) would become a REALITY and then GROW to be an ANNUAL EVENT like this!!  God is good.

(Villa's on Lake Como)

Speaking on annually...

As most of you know this years is SOLD OUT (well, more on that down below...) and now that I have over 100 people on the INTEREST LIST for NEXT YEAR, I'm trying to figure out what to do about 2014's Creative Retreat!  I have asked the hotel and thought about things and I can bump things up to 40 people next year at the MAX.  But that's the maximum they can have in the event room for a class and that's taking up two 20-person busses for excursions that we may take.  Lake Como is SMALL and I really want to keep the event small and intimate as well.  So that means next year's Creative Retreat WILL be bigger than the 25 this year, but 40 still isn't NEAR the over 100 INTERESTED.   So I've been throwing around some ideas and MAY do TWO Creative Retreats next year OR do "back-to-back" Creative Retreats.  Meaning either One in May and one let's say in September OR do TWO events in May, one week at a time.  This will obviously be dependent on sign ups, but I REALLY WANT to make sure I can give EVERYONE a chance to experience this AMAZING place and WONDERFUL event!!

(One of the beautiful cobblestone streets in Bellagio)

Now I've already been talking to the TEACHERS for next years event and I'm sure YOU would like to know who they are, right???

Well I'm sorry... you're going to have to WAIT just a bit longer on that... but you will be IN LOVE with them!  I'm just SO excited and humbled that these AMAZING TEACHERS are wanting to be a part of this and I promise I will tell you SOON who they are!!

(Amazing architecture on Lake Como)

I will tell you WHEN it will be for next year though...

A while ago I mentioned that in JUNE OF THIS YEAR, I will be revealing more information and details on how to SIGN UP for next years Creative Retreat.  Well... I'm going to give you a "heads up" NOW on the DATES for Next Year's Creative Retreat...  You ready for it??!

I've already talked to the hotel and the teachers and everyone is open this week, so I might as well give YOU the dates too!  So...

May 17-24, 2014*

(The stunning Villa Balbianello)


This is a GREAT time on Lake Como, the weather is PERFECT, not too hot and not too cold.  The flowers are all blooming and the lake is GORGEOUS!!  It's a little bit before the summer crowds come in and I'm really excited about doing the event in May!  If  you ask the people who live there when the best time to come is, they always say May and September!  The week planned is in between Mother's Day and Memorial Day so I think it's a great time to slip away for an AMAZING women's retreat in Italy!  Don't you think so too?  :)

(Another street in Bellagio leading down to the lake)

So hopefully you can JOIN US next year and experience a week long event of Art and Beauty in this unbelievable location!  I WILL have more updates on this blog, so keep checking back here.  ALSO, if you are not on the INTEREST LIST, send me an email through this blog or at and let me know you want to be added to that list!  I will be sending out a newsletter to ALL THOSE ON THE INTEREST LIST IN MAY to give them a heads up on when they can sign up.  Then in early JUNE OF THIS YEAR, I will send out an "INVITATION" to ALL ON THE INTEREST LIST with the Announcement of next years Creative Retreat AND a link to where you can RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!  So that's a very important email to be looking for if you want to get in on next years retreat.

(A perfect setting for an Al Fresco dinner)

**Now as far as THIS YEARS Creative Retreat...  I have ONE SPOT THAT IS AVAILABLE!  Yes... FOR THIS JUNE'S RETREAT!!  I forgot to post this on here last week, but a lady had to back out due to hip surgery, so if you want to join us THIS JUNE, 2013...  YOU STILL CAN!!  I have only one spot and it's for a studio apartment that would hold 2 people at the most. (If you want to bring a spouse or friend)  So EMAIL ME ASAP if you want to join the fun this June!!**

(Varenna, across the lake from Bellagio)

If you already are joining us this June... well I can't WAIT to meet you SOON!!  I can't believe it's just two months away and we will be THERE!  I will be posting more in the Yahoo Group soon to find out some details about your food choices and travel plans.  It's going to be an UNFORGETTABLE week in a GORGEOUS place that time has kind of stepped back from and just let it be...  Real Italy.



(Villa Carlotta)

** All photos are from by Pinterest Board.

*Please note:  The date for 2014 is not set in stone.  It looks like that's the best week and I am going forward with it, but it could change due to unforeseen circumstances.  The newsletter in May will confirm the dates so you have enough time to plan for it before you secure your spot in June.

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