Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello ladies!

How is your Summer going?  We have just UNDER 3 months until our Retreat!  I could SCREAM with excitement!!!!!

I am compiling my "list" of things to check on when we are there in a few weeks, (yes, I can't WAIT) so if you have any questions to add to that list, let me know.  I'll be meeting with the hotel, restaurants, and excursion companies to get everything figured out.

I've had a few questions about how much $$$ you should bring and what things will be "out of pocket" for you.  I am going to try and put together a list so you can have a better idea.  Let me take a few days for this and then I'll post that in the Yahoo Group and maybe on here too...

I wanted to come on here TODAY though, because it's the 15th of JUNE and I said I was going to share some SNEAKS of the classes!!

I can't tell you how EXCITING is has been to talk with the teachers and see some of the classes you will be taking!  I think I've picked the BEST teachers for this event and I'm SO happy with what they are going to be teaching.  They are all just BEAUTIFUL and full of some GREAT techniques I know you will love learning!

So to start the SNEAKS...

Lisa Pace is going to be teaching us 2 classes.  The 1st is a SHADOW BOX and it's going to have all kinds of beautiful little trinkets, vintage items and even have room for your OWN mementos from the trip!  Here's a SNEAK of it:

These are 3 random photo's of the shadowbox.  

The 2nd class she is teaching is a necklace and cuff set!  It's SO pretty!!  This has VINTAGE lace, buttons and all kinds a "pretties" on it!!  Here's a SNEAK of the cuff:

This is just a portion of the cuff.

SO, as you can see... We are in for a TREAT!  Some AMAZING projects from such a TALENTED lady!!  You will LOVE meeting Lisa and getting to know her.  With our small group of ladies, I know we are all going to come away with deep friendships and I'm really THRILLED about that!

I will share SNEAKS from the other teachers next week and keep the EXCITEMENT going!!

For those of you who won't be able to join us this September...

There IS going to be ANOTHER "A Kiss on the Chic's Bellagio Retreat" NEXT JUNE!!  I've had such a GREAT response to this 2nd Annual event, that I don't want YOU to miss out on this!  Just send me an email or leave a comment and I will put your name on the "Interested List" which is growing by the day!!  I don't have the teachers lined up yet, but the dates will be June 15-22, 2013!

So keep those dates open if you want to enjoy a Week Long Event in Beautiful Italy!!



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